ABL DISSACO, member of Africa Logistics Network representing Kazakhstan & Belgium, completed a complex shipment involving the chartering of 2 full AN124 Ruslan aircrafts for the delivery of critically urgent boiler equipment from Korea to the US.

With a concern of cost-optimalisation and in joint communication with air-carriers’ loadmaster & tech-crews, cargo was repacked, suitably for airfreight in order to save 1 AN124 plane.
By reworking the packaging for A/F, the total numbers of crates could be reduced in such way to finally fit 2 chartered AN124 air-crafts.

The 2 Antonov aircrafts were flying at a 2 day interval from Incheon International Airport of Seoul to Chicago ORD via Anchorage (ANC) for crew-rest/fuel-stop.

Notwithstanding the extensive upfront preparatory work involving the suitable crating of the cargo (considering the max capacities of plane, the CoG & max gross weights of the cargo for stability in air and max capacity of the internal crane of the plane), the cargo was delivered door/door in less than 4 days’ time.

ABL DISSACO would like to thank respectfully all their partners involved in the delivery of this critically urgent cargo.
The teams in Korea, in the US & last but not least the very experienced air crew on both planes contributed fully to the successful delivery of the cargo.


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