AC Project & Forwarding SL collaborated with CFS Mexico, both ALN members

26 Apr 2018

AC PROJECT & FORWARDING SL Member of ALN in Spain, with offices in Barcelona and Bilbao, has moved Stainless Deposits, Accessories and Tools for the installation of Silos.

4 X 40 HQ
2 X 40’FR OOG 11,5 X 3,9 X 3,9 / 10 tn each.

The total cargo was moved door/door from Bilbao to Nuevo Leon/Mexico & AC Project was in charge of collect the cargo, reconditioning, loading & lashing onto FR and HQ equipment.

Emphasize the supporting provided from our agent CFS Mexico (ALN Member) who was in charge of receiving, reloading and delivery of cargo.

The most relevant is that we have executed the first phase of the shipping without incident. Really good job.


AC Project & Forwarding SL  e Container Freight Station Mexico (CFS) (only for ALN members).




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