PLA and ALN member in Germany, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) just finished the to movement of one 2nd hand Ethanol plant
ex Spremberg, Germany to Turkey.

The cargo consisted of 6 tanks as follows:

Length Width Height Weight CBM
2200 270 270 88 160,38
1300 480 445 108 277,68
3350 311 311 34 324,01535
3950 360 322 76 457,884
4040 295 252 81 300,3336
2300 435 435 45 435,2175

The complete movement was a quite big challenge for all involved parties. Especially as the tanks needed to be turned down on side during dismantling incl. placing directly onto trailer.
After loading of lowbed trucks the next challenge was to leave plant site as a few pipe bridges crossed the way out.

The cargo has been moved in 3 lots from site Spremberg to the inland port Dresden where AGL has taken over cargo directly ex low bed trucks into barges for further transport to Antwerp Port.

In Antwerp cargo was transferred via Pier onboard of HL vessel “Sevkettin Sovay” to Iskenderun Port, Turkey without any issues.

Another good example of AGL’s range of service…


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