Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), member of ALN and PLA from Gemany, just recently moved on behalf of C.H. Robinson (CHR) a set of 4 Diesel Engines from Bremerhaven, Germany to Fremantle Port, AU.

4 Engines / each 810 x 250 x 355 cms / each 54 tons.

The engines have been moved by lowbed trucks from suppliers factory to Bremerhaven Ro / Ro Terminal and have been stuffed on 40’ Mafi Trailers upon arrival for sea voyage to Australia.

A very special scope was put on the lashing of cargo on the trailers in order to make sure the cargo will arrive without any damages at Shipyard in Fremantle.

The long voyage was finally performed by Hoegh Ro/ Ro vessel “Cattleya Ace”.

Local Cargo Survey in Bremerhaven has been performed by Surveyor company Battermann + Tillery who are also Partners of PLA Network. So finally customer got the full knowledge out of PLA by CHR, Battermann + Tillery as well as AGL.


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