As one of the premier independently owned logistics companies in Canada, at Canaan Shipping Co. Ltd., ALN member representing Canada, they take great pride in providing fast, efficient and cost effective service in order to exceed client expectations. This focus on client satisfaction is the foundation they built their company upon, and the primary reason they have been in this business for over two decades. Last month, their Air Freight department took this a step further.

In February of 2017, one of their top clients urgently required important machinery delivered to their facility in British Colombia’s interior. The problem? Though only two pieces, this equipment weighed in at almost 18,000 kilos and the dimensions made Air transport quite difficult. The length of one of the pieces meant that the cargo had to be shipped via a 747 aircraft in order to load the cargo through the nose of the plane and the client’s facility was located far from major airport hubs.




After searching through multiple airlines, their team was able to find a solution, using a service from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to have the shipment delivered to their customer’s facility via Los Angeles International Airport. By thinking pro-actively and calling upon their extensive network of airlines and agents and working closely with the customs broker, they were able to transport the equipment efficiently and effectively, resulting in a smooth move and a very satisfied customer.

While they certainly took great pride in handling this important shipment smoothly, the truth is, this is the type of dedication they put into all of their shipments. Simple or difficult, air or ocean, heavy cargo or light – it doesn’t matter. At Canaan Shipping, they take pride to be problem solvers and offer the best customer service to our clients.




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