Freight in Time (FIT)/Africa Direct Logistics (ADL), members of Africa Logistics Network representing Rwanda, successfully delivered the first Pfizer ultracold vaccines with over 100,000 doses to the Government of Rwanda.

The shipment was managed in partnership with FIT‘s global partner UPS who handled the vaccines from Pfizer’s plant in Puurs, Belgium and forwarded them from AMS to KGL on KLM.

The consignee Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) had obtained special permits and pre-clearance approval for the ultra-cold vaccines which require temperatures of -70°C and lower.

ADL had to obtain additional permits to operate during curfew hours, which start at 8pm.

With this in place the ADL team retrieved the vaccines from the airfield of the Kigali International Airport as soon as they had been offloaded from aircraft and  delivered them to the RBC warehouse within 1 hour of flight arrival (ATA 9:20pm). At RBC the vaccines were immediately transferred into ultra-cold freezers to maintain the required temperature.


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