International For Transit & Transport, member of Africa Logistics Network representing Syria, and Al Anwar Trading are very proud to complete successfully the Mobilization of Oilfield Equipment’s to Egypt, during this difficult times in Syria and the COVID 19 issues.

This is a case study of basic Oilfield Equipment Mobilization to Egypt where goods were imported under Temporary Clearance so any government in such case want to secure the guarantee that no revenue was lost.


The Job was to Mobilize 700 CBM Oilfield Equipment having different sizes with maximum height of 4 Meters and width about 3.5 Meters with maximum gross weight of 25 Tons to Alexandria Egypt.


Small volume and limited local Exports reduced the possibilities of finding part charter to Egypt.

COVID 19 was started after our planning to shipping 2 Trucks on a Ferry to Jordan which has been suspended in South Europe due to access restrictions to Lebanon (Non availability of Government officials and electrical wireline problem).


International For Transit & Transport found as alternative a charter vessel to Alexandria. After that, IFTT team had to wait for 6 weeks on re-export documents.

Authorities have asked for Long Notice with the details of the truck drivers to collect the goods stored, to avoid thefts. In this way they have reached a special agreement as a guarantee for the release of the goods on behalf of our customer. Waiting, however, ulterior three days to the Port Gate for an error in the customs documentation.

At the end, there was a last minute delay because was found a suspected case of Corona Virus when operators started the loading of the vessel. Therefore the Port suspended all operations till late night. Only before midnight heavy goods loading operations could resume, ending in the next morning, finally being able to deliver the goods.


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