Africa Logistics Magazine – Media Partner

Africa Logistics Network (ALN) is pleased to announce the partnership with Africa Logistics Magazine (ALM).


Africa Logistics Magazine was Media Partner last year for the 4th Annual Meeting of Africa Logistics Network in Dakar, Senegal and this year it has confirmed the partnership for our 5th Annual Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, too.


About the 5th ALN Meeting on Africa Logistics Magazine:


About Africa Logistics Magazine

Africa Logistics Magazine (ALM) exists since early 2014.
It’s the 1st newspaper (Web and Paper) Africa specialized in the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Our main objective is to promote the logistics sector while raising awareness on current issues to help governments making right decisions for the economic future of African continent.

In our newspaper, we deal daily with questions related to:

  1. The Logistics Performance Index;
  2. Different modes of transport;
  3. Transport infrastructures;
  4. Port congestion;
  5. Logistics information systems;
  6. Traceability of products;
  7. Road accidents;
  8. Online purchases and inventory management;
  9. Containerization;
  10. The trans-Saharan hinterland;
  11. Dakar-Bamako hinterland;
  12. Security on the Togolese coasts.



More than 10,000 visits per day to the website from continents: Africa, Europe, America and Asia;
•14 issues of the magazine since its creation;
•More than 50 logistics contributions;
•More than 15 interviews with Business Directors and Ministers;
•Presence in Mali, Ivory Coast, Congo, Gabon …


For more information, please visit Africa Logistics Magazine (ALM).

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