Yesterday, Jan 9th 2018 was 12 years anniversary of our company PT. Asia Service Container  , ALN member in Indonesia.

Starting our operation in July 2004 and officially registered in 9th Jan 2006, which as the facto we are heading to 14th years of operation.

12 years of PT. Asia Service Container anniversary is not an easy thing to get here but we have the enthusiasm to work smart, efficient, effective and competitive to provide best service to all of our customers, positive thoughts to enhance solid cooperation among team and strong determination to succeed in this industry.
I thank you those who standing still and support me in lifting up the company’s image and pushing me to keep on going and keep improving and be better from time to time.

Success is only a perception or interpretation but happiness is the real success for me.

I am happy with my life.
Happy with my family
Happy with my friends
Happy with my jobs

Happy with my network Africa Logistics Network!
I thank GOD for giving me peace and happiness inside me.

I believe that impossible is nothing.


Happy Anniversary PT. ASCO!!!

ASCO Shipping & Logistics – PT. Asia Service Container (Only for ALN Member)