Did you know ….

The ‘male’ part of R&B has put his footprint into ship- and cargo-chartering + brokerage since 1990, as a third generation in the family !

We do realize and appreciate that this specialized subject is not an everyday thing, whereby loads of small clauses and letters of the contract can be mis-interpreted, leading to misconceptions that can make a small challenge into a big risk , at the loss of the ordering party !

R&B can offer you over 25 years of practical experience when chartering a ship and/or cargo , under whichever Charterparty contract relevant to the business type, such as General Cargo Charterparty , Charterparties specific to bulk cargoes, On- & Offshore Charterparty contracts , Time Charterparties, etc ….

R&B has a tailormade Charterers’ Liability Insurance cover in place (including or excluding Cargo Liability, as well as cover for Freight/Demurrage/Defence) with first class Belgian underwriters , enjoying clean claim records in place since..the start !

Besides this, R&B can consult you in the “role” of your company versus your contractparty in case of certain agreement made, to limit your liabilities and insure in best way !

Paying insurance premiums is NOT  a lost cost-factor !

We are domiciled in Croatia , but we are your global chartering arm for any needs required – We always do our best to do best !

At your disposal,

Dave Roosen

R&B Global Projects Ltd. (Only for ALN member)

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