Last news from R&B Global Projects Ltd., member of ALN from Croatia.


R&B….. shipped its heaviest cargo of 2017 during the late december days from India to Gabon, 2 barges each 500 tons – YES WE CAN !!!
R&B….. has again successfully delivered several big shipments for a mining project in Brazil, started inland from both Italy and The Netherlands
R&B….. is moving 31 giant cases from Germany with machinery cargo to be delivered for Coca Cola Tunisia
R&B….. is doing a lot of “General Forwarding”, here some examples:
o delivered last-phase airfreights to the biggest Siemens project in Egypt
o finished its 10th container of automatic fire extinguishers from Slovenia to UAE
o delivered over 80 rubber roro fittings to Croatia’s main local shipyard
o finished over 100 transports in the last 2 months within the Balkan for high-capital goods.


R&B Global Projects Ltd. can offer you over 25 years of practical experience when chartering a ship and/or cargo , under whichever Charterparty contract relevant to the business type, such as General Cargo Charterparty , Charterparties specific to bulk cargoes, On- & Offshore Charterparty contracts , Time Charterparties, etc …

R&B Global Projects Ltd. (only for ALN members)