We are excited to announce that SPEEDWAY, member of Africa Logistics Network representing Poland, took part in the charity run – One Terminal Run – at the container terminal in the Port of Gdynia.

As SPEEDWAY they are proud to be involved in this exceptional occasion as one of the main sponsors of the event. They’re contribution was not only running, but also take part in charity auctions and fund some event activities.

About 1000 runners took part of the event – perfect summer weather helps to enjoy the nice views of June evening and sunset. In the end everyone went to home tired but also very happy, as all of the collected funds supports charity organization. Thanks for all participants, the atmosphere was incredible, surrounded by the containers we transport daily, making the sports competition even more fun.” – SPEEDWAY Team

Speedway Freight Services (Poland) Sp. z o.o. only for ALN members.

You can read more about the event on: YouTube | Linkedin |