4th ALN Annual Meeting – Dakar, Senegal (2018)

With the great support of ALN members in Senegal:



and the sponsorship of:




We are pleased to confirm full details of the 4th Africa Logistics Network meeting, scheduled in

Dakar, Senegal


October 8th – October 11th 2018.

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We have negotiated a special rate for our group at King Fahd Palace Hotel. Rooms will be available until the end of August 2018.

Please contact us for receiving the form of reservation that must be sent directly to the hotel.

Hotel rooms will be booked and paid by each partecipant, so the meeting fee does not include the hotel reservation.


Day 01: Monday, Oct. 8th , 2018


14h00:   Check in at “KING FAHD PALACE HOTEL” – Link HERE

Since its inauguration in 1991, the King Fahd Palace Hotel and Conference Center has built a reputation for excellence around the world by hosting more than 3,000 national and international events. Our team is rich in experience and has acquired a know-how and expertise out of the ordinary over these years.

Renowned for its safety and its facilities, while preserving the sweetness of life in a 35-hectare landscaped park facing the ocean, the King   Fahd Palace is the main hotel with a 6000 m² conference center.

A destination for both business and pleasure, the King Fahd Palace & Conference Center is undoubtedly the ideal place to create and exchange ideas.

16h00:   Registration

19h00:   Welcoming cocktail

20h00:   Welcoming dinner at the Hotel’s Restaurant – Stand up Cocktail dinner including bar with alcohols – Official opening of the meeting – New members introduction – Awards – Raffle (remember your souvenir!)


Day 02: Tuesday, Oct. 9th , 2018


07h00 – 09h00:   Breakfast – Hotel’s Restaurant

09h30 – 12h45:     Vip Speeches, Sponsor Speeches and Members Speeches

13h00:                     Group Photo – Business Dress Code required

13h30 – 14h30:     Lunch – Hotel’s Restaurant – Buffet Menu plus drinks

14h00 – 17h30:     One to One Meetings + Coffee break

19h00:                    Assembly at Venue Reception for departure to outside dinner

19h15:                     Bus departure

20h00:                   Dinner at “LA CALEBASSE” – You’ll have the chance to appreciate the real Black Africa style!

La Calebasse (facebook.com/Restaurant-La-Calebasse) is an art gallery-cum-restaurant in Mamelles. Wander past collections of West African paintings, masks and life-size metal statues, as you walk up the staircase to this top floor restaurant. Sit on the roofed terrace to sample some local dishes such as Senegal’s national favorite, the Thieboudienne.

La Calebasse is one of those restaurants that is like a triple threat – a museum, a restaurant, and some live bands spot to   listen to typical live music, three groups will entertain our night there.

You can use that wait-time to wander the museum. The owner of the restaurant is a French man married to a Senegalese woman and most of the crafts in the museum are from his personal travels around Africa. It’s not a museum in the traditional sense where things are labeled and there’s a sense of order about the arrangements – no, instead, you get the feeling you are peeking into someone’s private collection knowing that most, if not all the items, are not for sale. You can get lost from room to room where every imaginable corner has some artifact that is steeped in history.


Day 03: Wednesday, Oct. 10th , 2018


07h00 – 09h00:    Breakfast at the Hotel’s Restaurant

09h30 – 12h30:     One to One Meetings + Coffee break

12h30 – 14h00:     Lunch at the Hotel’s Restaurant – Buffet Menu plus drinks

14h00 – 17h30:     One to One Meetings + Coffee break

19h00:                    Assembly at Venue Reception for departure to Outside Dinner

19h15:                     Bus departure

20h00:                   Dinner at “LE PHARE” – Cocktail dinner – open bar with cocktails – DJ – Link HERE

Phare des Mamelles is a strategically important lighthouse situated near Cap Vert, the westernmost point of Africa, on the outskirts of Dakar the capital of Senegal. Completed in 1864, it has been described as “one of the world’s great lighthouses, guiding ships around the western tip of Africa”.

It is located on the highest of the Deux Mamelles, a pair of prominent hills in Ouakam, a suburban commune of Dakar, 4 km southeast of Almadies and 9 km northwest of Dakar on the Cap-Vert peninsula.

You will discover a mixed cusine, a dedicated environment, good music and a wonderful view over all Dakar. Faced to the ocean, the fresh air and the DJ will entertain our evening.


Day 04: Thursday, Oct. 11th , 2018


07h00 – 09h00:    Breakfast at the Hotel’s Restaurant

09h30 – 12h30:     One to One Meetings + Coffee break

12h30 – 14h00:     Lunch at the Hotel’s Restaurant – Buffet Menu plus drinks

14h00 – 17h30:     One to One Meetings + Coffee break

19h30:                   Gala Dinner at “KING FAHD PALACE HOTEL” – Official closure of the Conference – Elegant Dress Code requested

Will be waiting for all you to spend some memorable moments together, say goodbye and have some fun after all meetings days. We will have an international menu accompanied by a DJ, whom will entertain our evening.


Registration fee/First delegate: € 900 – Second, third delegate – €750 / each

The fees includ:  Welcoming cocktail + Lunches (on 9/10/11 Oct.) + Dinners (on 8/9/10/11 Oct.) + bus transport to the restaurants + airport transfer fee (60km per way) + meeting materials and scheduler, gadgest and group photo (will be given during Gala Dinner) + coffee breaks and meeting room.

For spouse please contact us



Voluntary Leisure day on 12.10.2018


08h00 – Assembly for departure at the King Fahd Hotel Venue

08h10 – Bus departure to Gorée Island + 30 minutes ferry service

The island of Gorée lies off the coast of Senegal, opposite Dakar. From the 15th to the 19th century, it was the largest slave-trading centre on the African coast. Ruled in succession by the Portuguese, Dutch, English and French, its architecture is characterized by the contrast between the grim slave-quarters and the elegant houses of the slave traders. Today it continues to serve as a reminder of human exploitation and as a sanctuary for reconciliation.

The Island of Goree is an exceptional testimony to one of the greatest tragedies in the history of human societies:  the slave trade.  The various elements of this “memory island” – fortresses, buildings, streets, squares, etc. – recount, each in its own way, the history of Gorée which, from the 15th to the 19th century, was the largest slave-trading center of the African coast.

Gorée is connected to the mainland by regular 30-minute ferry service, for pedestrians only; there are no cars on the island. Senegal’s premier tourist site, the island was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

An unique and beautiful experience that offers powerful feelings, moments that will leave a sign in your memories.

12:15 – Assembly for departure to Dakar City

13:15 – 14.30 – Lunch at “LE CABANON  – Link HERE


Recently opened, faced to the ocean, innovative style, Le Cabanon offers a mix between Senegalese cusine and international high quality products.

Passing the front door, the decoration and the structure of the restaurant transport us in a fancy structure almost on the ocean…

A relaxing place that together with the experience of flavors will take us in a nice journey far away…


14:40 – Departure to the “Statue de la Renaissance Africaine

Inside the statue there is a museum that will visit and then we will go up to men’ s had and will admire a magnificent view.


The African Renaissance Monument (French: Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine) is a 49 meter tall bronze statue located on top of one of the twin hills known as Collines des Mamelles, outside Dakar, Senegal. Built overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the Ouakam suburb, the statue was designed by the Senegalese architect Pierre Goudiaby after an idea presented by President Abdoulaye Wade.

President Wade said “It brings to life our common destiny. Africa has arrived in the 21st century standing tall and more ready than ever to take its destiny into its hands”.[5] President Bingu said “This monument does not belong to Senegal. It belongs to the African people wherever we are”.

16:10 – Arrival at King Fahd – time for check-out (for whom need same)

18:50 – Assembly for departure to the dinner

19:00 – Dinner at “ALKIMIA” – Cocktail dinner – open bar with cocktails – Link HERE

Idyllic setting. Felted light. Here reigns a fragrance of sweetness and elegance, like a trendy restaurant that wants to be chic and refined.

Outside, in an environment where greenery, wood and water blend harmoniously, or in the air-conditioned interior, you can savor the secrets of authentic traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The products of the Mediterranean basin combine with distant spices to awaken your senses and arouse a real gustatory emotion.

You will discover a universe mixing songs from the Senegalese musical heritage and revisited the taste of jazz, a fusion of traditional music and jazz.

21:00 – Transfers to the airport for whom need same (or based on your own flight departure, individual transfers can be organized)

22:00/23:00 – Bus departure for the hotel

Fees: € 180 / person 

The fees includ: Transport fees + lunch+ monument fees + ferry tax + dinner


For attending 4th Africa Logistics Network meeting you MUST be member of our network. You can join us here: https://www.africalogisticsnetwork.com/join-us/ .

If you want to attend or to be updated about meeting and agenda, pls send us an email to info@africalogisticsnetwork.com or using this form (here below). We will contact you asap.

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