Recently AC PROJECT & FORWARDING S.L, member of ALN representing Spain, dealt with the receptions at the port of Barcelona and delivered 4 cryogenic deposits ( 2 x  19,5 X 3,4 X 4,4 mts  / 43 tons + 2 x 12,8 X 4.05 X 4,2 mts /41 tons) each.

During the download of the first deposit it note that there are lugs on the bottom of the cradle that does not allow it to fit inside of the tráiler.

In order to transport/deliver  the deposits on the dates indicated an urgent operation has been carried out in the port of Barcelona (during weekend) to remove the cradle and reconfigure the trailers.

Scope of work included the following:

  • Port Operations.
  • Customs clearance operations.
  • Marine survey  service.
  • Transport of tanks and accessories from port to Factory.
  • Movil cranes 1×100 tons + 1×60 tons.


Thanks to AC Project  team for the good coordination of the shipment.


Watch the VIDEO!


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