Africa Logistics Network’s member for Germany and Russia Federation, Alexander Global Logistics  is proud to report about another successful job about second hand equipment. From a small town close to Berlin one of AGL’s customers sold a Gas Turbine to Onne, Nigeria. The pre -plannings started very early, due to the fact that the final dims / weights where only known shortly before pick up. Considering the weights of close to 100 tons with height up to 425 cms it was needed to prepare the local trucking very carefully incl. talk to local power line operators, german rail operators Deutsche Bahn as well as police.

The units have been moved from Zossen to small inland port Königs Wusterhausen. Loading of barge in Königs Wusterhausen was arranged by one port crane in tandem hub with mobile crane. From Königs Wusterhausen cargo was moved by barge to Antwerp for shipment by Break Bulk vessel to Onne, Port Nigeria. Meanwhile cargo arrived safely in Onne and job was finished without any issues.

Cargo Details:
Generator 94.500,- kos – 1250 x 330 x 425
Turbine 89.000,- kos – 880 x 330 x 390
Control Room 12.000,- kos – 490 x 330 x 390
Oil Cooler 12.000,- kos – 534 x 330 x 150
Air Inlet Elbow / Silencer 10.200,- kos – 720 x 260 x 324
Switch Gear 5.000,- kos – 290 x 280 x 270

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