The global operating logistics service provider Alexander Global Logistics (PL-Alliance and ALN member for Germany) invests in digital Supply-Chain-Management. IT-solutions provider Kutzner Process Optimization, Partner of the PL-Alliance, introduces scanner based on cloud-technology.
A light drizzle of rain covers the warehouses of Alexander Global Logistics, short AGL, in Bremerhaven. The logistics service provider with its headquarter in Bremen was founded 2006 with only 5 employees and meanwhile has more than 60 skilled workers. One of them is the certified surveyor Wilhelm Meier. Every morning at 6 a.m. the expert for transportation- and good-damages inspects and unloads huge paper rolls from the delivered containers. Paper and pulp takes the lions share of what AGL handles and storages in its location. Meier and its team unload up to 150 container per month, before the cargo continues its transport by truck or wagon. 150 container, and its cargo still gets reviewed manually. An enormous expenditure that does not comply with a steadily growing internationally orientated logistics company. Alexander Global Logistics faces up the changes in the global economy with the implementation of a intelligent, highly individual scanning technology.

Time saving thanks to cloud-based scanning technology
Up to now AGLs employees had to note code numbers manually when unloading the containers to pass those on to the operations team. Together with its team, the section head Meier, provided the impulse for the simplification and/or reduction of the number of steps. Some other warehouses of AGL are already making use of established symbol scanning technology, this however is not transferable to the warehouse in Bremerhaven. “Here in Bremerhaven we have more complex requirements towards our data acquisition system. Our clients want to, for example, easily find indenture numbers and review pictures of potential damages without delay. It was our wish to handle this with one single device.”, so our expert. To meet these requirements, Meier got Christian Kutzner, CEO of Kutzner Process Optimization in Lilienthal, on board. Ever since, Kutzner, together with its system developers, works on an individual supply-chain-solution for the specific warehouse. The IT-expert says that there are various different approaches in the market. But for them it is important to create a solution that is tailored to the daily business of Alexander Global Logistics. Kutzner Process Optimization and Alexander Global Logistics are already working together since more than 10 years. This partnership and the fact, that Kutzner has installed the whole IT-environment of AGL, lead to fast results. “We grew up together”, jokes Kutzner.

Rapid responses and high flexibility of the system
Curiously Wilhelm Meier holds one of the modern scanner in his hand. Visually they equal the typical industry tablets. They are robust devices with an integrated camera, suitable for outdoor operations. Unique is the device’ s intelligence and its software, developed specially for AGL by Kutzner. All captured data, via scan, get transferred to the main-database in real time. Kutzner explains: “We live in a time, in which networking and real time are factors of success. A huge advantage of the cloud-technology is the comprehensive information capability. The head office as well as the employees know the actual delivery situation at any time and from any location. Theoretically the cargo could already be captured on-board or from any other warehouse.”

Less mistakes and gain of time
Another positive impact of the cloud-based scanning-technology is the saving of time. Through the omission of manual recording Meier and its team gain about 45 minutes working time each day. Kutzner goes further explaining that, if the scanning-technology keeps on working faultless, all departments in the company will be profiting. Transmission errors belong to the past.

Finetuning and readjustment is indispensable in the developing process
According to Christian Kutzner the project work for clients in the logistics and industry sector consists of successive sub steps and milestones. He adds: “In our approach the conscientious listening is at the focus. Hereby our sparring partner are the employees, that will be working with our solutions later on. And since the requirements change frequently, the tasks never rest.” His developers are always looking for the shortest path to the goal. But what exactly does agile project development mean? “In brainstorming we develop concepts and normally we see quite fast, where they will take us”, so Kutzner. Wilhelm Meier also has some ideas for the future: “It would be great if we could print our orders via airprint from mobile phones.” Without doubts Christian Kutzner will also be able to resolve this professionally.


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