Fondazione InSè – Chaired by Mrs. Iole Cisnetto

All the Companies members of AFRICA LOGISTICS NETWORK were and are convinced that the African Continent will be the future in our activity of Forwarding and are also sure that the Meetings are the best occasion to know and trust each other.

Personal knowledge and trust, put the basis for a successful business development process.

On the other way we are fully aware of the fact that the African Continent faces a lot of problems, but we trust that, step by step, these problems will be solved, hopefully in a short time period.

UBUNTO – “I’m because you are” “Humanity towards others”

InSé Foundation was founded in 2009, with precise aim in humanitarian field, to treat, educate and train children and women in order to guarantee them a better future in Africa.

InSé Foundation has decided to concentrate their efforts in one single direction: supporting Pediatric Hospital of Kimbondo and the community that has been built around it.

This can be achieved by accompanying the community through a stepwise journey towards being fully indipendent.

Kimbondo is a small town located in the north outskirts of Kinshasa, an inaccessible and poor place, where an oasis of hope was born for thousands of children.

12 Years of solidarity and more than 1.5M invested and more than 1000 children helped, this is the fact and numbers up-to now achieved.

Thanks to Italian Regions (Tuscany, Liguria and Lazio), the local Italian Pediatric Hospital welcomed and cared more than 50 children. Not just generic charity, but interventions with precise objectives directed to allocate the invested resources properly.

Mrs Iole Cisnetto – InSé Foundation President

Mother and grandmother, with a piece of heart in Africa.
Cultural entrepreneur, sensitive to social and active in the field of human rights, Mrs. Iole Cisnetto is member of Rome Prize for Peace Commission, Ambassador and prominent diplomatic member of Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), she also cooperated for long time with Rita Levi Montalcini, 1986 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Help InSé Foundation to fulfill its sustainable development projects by supporting missions in Africa.

Become a protagonist together with ALN in this important cause!

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