MinPac Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd, member of Africa Logistics Network representing Australia, is part of MinPac Group in Hong Kong.

In MinPac Logistics you can find a team that it’s totally able to supports your company.

Their experience (over 20 years) and reliability guarantees you the safety and tranquility that your precious cargo will be delivered on time and intact.

They don’t just move cargo; but they are committed to pre-empting and solving problems before they become issues for clients.

MinPac Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd supports global logistics planning with a one-to-one approach with a dedicated team that acts on your behalf to ensure the smooth operation of each shipment.

Their mission is to develop a relationship with the companies and a very strong collaboration, a collaboration based on their reliable service and mindset to be a reliable partner.

These values they provide help your business thrive.

These are their GOALS

  1. Be the first choice of market leaders
  2. Provide reliable, reliable and consistent services to and from the world’s most logistically challenging regions
  3. Day after day, their logistics and support services exceed expectations and those of customers. This guarantees the success of your company, our company and the customer.

Specialized in the mining regions of the world, including the islands of the Pacific, Africa, South-East Asia, South America and the regions of the commonwealth of Independent states (CSI).

With further specializations in countries like Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzistan, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

MinPac Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd, only for ALN Members.

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MinPac Logistics (minpac.com)

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