About 700 people under the age of 25, from 44 countries and regions participated in The Belt and Road International Skills Competition, the largest event ever in China in its field.


The youngest employee Lena Todorova (Lenny) of Mireks Shipping LTD, member of ALN representing Bulgaria, had participated in this event which was held from 27th to 30th May at Chongqing, China.

Themed on “Skill Cooperation and Common Development”, the competition had 18 skill items including electronic technology, freight forwarding, water treatment technology, automotive technology, bricklaying, electrical installation, fine woodworking etc. https://www.brisc2019.com.cn/eng/dsjs/dsjs_nry.shtml

Lenny is 22 years old and has been part of Mireks Shipping LTD team since 2017.
For that time she showed us that she is a motivated young person filled with attention to the details, knowledge and skills at the field and most important – love for what she is doing as a freight forwarder.

That was the main reason which pushed Mireks Shipping LTD to do everything possible in order to provide her the chance to take part in this event, in particular in the “Freight forwarding” competition item.
The Freight Forwarding exams required from competitors to master the whole process. They had to complete competition tasks such as customer acquisition, quotation calculation, transportation management, supply chain design, document operation, complaint handling and claim handling under the prescribed time and pressure.

After more than 2 days on the competition field, Lenny did everything to show and prove her skills and knowledge.
She become the second best young professional on international level, after the Chinese competitor, and brought home the Silver Medal.

This is not only pride for Mireks Shipping LTD, but for Bulgaria as well. The medal she won is the first for a Bulgarian competitor in the history of such type of competition!

Mireks Shipping LTD is proud with Lenny’s performance and we wish her a lot of success in the field of logistics!


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