6th ALN MEETING – Together in the Air 2020

Welcome to our 6th Annual Meeting!




The ability to change when the world around you, around us is changing, this makes animal species survive. Otherwise make mistakes is fatal.

We think and we want that networking, our network could be part of the answer.

First of all we bet on Africa, where the global reach stops even in the biggest networks, even in the biggest groups. No one can say to have reached a 98% of coverage in Africa, except Africa Logistics Network. I am sure we can capitalize more and more our essence. We have one year. I don’t think more…. One year to make a big campaign among our the exporting and importing companies. We are not only a network, my friends. We are the only one selling a great coverage in Africa.”

“If some of you want to give part of his time to share new experiences, new technologies, new solutions, is more than welcome. How many times we can say “Oh if only i had thought that before!”… exactly before is the key.”

“Africa has a big responsability ahead: to take the chance to make a fair development, building a new middle class and supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs. If Africa do that, as a continent, this could open the world to a new era of  trade with Africa. Based more on technology than raw materials. Or not only raw materials. More ethical then.”

Marcello Saponaro, ALN Chairman.



  • The African General Chamber of Commerce – Greater China is committed to promoting the cooperative relationship between Africa, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Mr. Sandy Cheng of Global Cargo (Far East) Limited is also currently serving as the Vice President, to help develop and recruit more African business enterprises from both sides of China and Africa to establish close relationships with each other and promote economic growth, expand China-Africa trade and logistics business.

  • The Freight Recovery & Arbitration Chamber’s aim is to create a valid, effective and timely responcse to the problems that maya rise in relationships with Forwarding Agents all over the world.
    • Offer a debt recovery service;
    • Offer international legal advice.
  • Marketing tools
    • Marketing Email – to promote your services, special projects or whatever you want with all members;
    • Member News – to share special shipments, awards won, certificates obtained and everything you want with other members;
    • Social Networks – to take advantage and share your news on all our Socials Media.
  • Protection Plan – the main exclusive benefit
    • Dedicated only to the members;
    • Included in the Membership Fees;
    • No extra to be paid.



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