Africa Logistics Network – Guarantee Fund


(on voluntary basis the first 2 years)

Dedicated to our members and for great interest of the future ones.


In the last month we have been working to put some rules and procedures for the Guarantee fund and tried to increase the protection of the payments inside Africa Logistics Network;  I think we have done a realistic job, considering the network dimensions, our growing and the Fees level, said Mr. Alessandro Saponaro , chairman of Africa Logistics Network.

  • The Membership Fees will remain unchanged also for the second registration;
  • For the first two years the Guarantee Fund will be on a voluntary basis, so at the time of registration (or renewal) you’ll have to state if the GF and its rules are accepted or not;
  • From the 3rd year of membership, the GF will be included into the annual fee, so no more, on voluntary basis.

For more information about terms and condition please contact us at: