Mr. Alessandro Saponaro thanks ALN Community

Dear friends and dear Members,

As a result of long considerations I’m arrived to the conclusion that it is the time FOR ME to resign as President of this beautiful Community.
After 58 years of this amazing job, that has been, is, and will be in the future the Forwarding Agent activity, I decided to leave it.

My son, Marcello Saponaro, CEO of Logimar, a very important founder Member of ALN, will become CEO of AFRICA LOGISTICS NETWORK S.R.L. and, consequently, President of the Network.
The most part of you, dear friends, know very well Marcello, for his participation to the Meetings or for business relations, and I’m sure that the Network under is presidency will reach important targets.

For what it concerns my “activity” I will remain inside the Network as consultant at full disposal of Marcello, Andra and Silvy.
It is my intention to participate to the next Meeting in Istanbul so I will have the possibility to tell personally to everyone of you “hallo”.

I take also this opportunity to thanks a lot Ms. Andra, collaborating with me since the creation of ALN, and Mrs. Silvy for their activity in the Network, with their help we have reached the result that you have seen in the last years. Of course my best wishes to Marcello !!!

Again thanks a lot to all of you first of all for your friendship and then for your trust in this last, for me, initiative. With this spirit we became a real Community !!!

Thanks again and… see you in Istanbul !


Mr. Alessandro Saponaro, President

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