ALGERIA: Tax ID Requirement in Algeria for imports


According to the financial Algerian law 2006 Art. 41/42, it is mandatory that all persons/companies engaged in business activities must be holder of the NIF (Numero d’Identification Fiscal) which is composed by 15 (fifteen) numeric digits, allowing the Algerian authorities to have a better traceability of the commercial transactions and tax payments.

In view of above, the Head Quarter of customs authorities decided as follows:

  1. The application of the NIF on shipping documents is in force from September 1, 2015 in order to carry out the customs formalities and delivery of the cargo.
  2. The consignee as final receivers who are not holder of the NIF will be identified by the insertion of the number “999999999999999” and systematically subject to be blocked upon discharge by port authorities and obliged to be checked by scanner (X-Ray)
  3. in case of missing or wrong insertion of the NIF, the containers are subject to be blocked by the customs authorities and all occurred charges and expenses will be on account of the parties involved whom did not respected the above item a).

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