Brazilian coffees generate an exchange profit of US$ 808 million in the first two months of 2018


Lucas Tadeu Ferreira* (MTb 3032/DF)
Embrapa Café


21/03/18 | Socioeconomic and environmental studies

Brazilian coffees were exported to 99 countries in the first two months of this year of 2018, a volume that reached the equivalent of 5,040 million bags of 60kg, which represents a drop of 3.8% in comparison with the same period of the previous year. As a result, exchange income also declined slightly and reached almost US $ 808 million. In February alone, 2,355 million bags were exported that obtained foreign exchange revenue of just over US $ 377 million and the average price of the bag at US $ 160.14.

In the ranking of the five main coffee importing countries from Brazil, in the first two months of this year 2018, Germany and the United States, with 18.5% (933.60 thousand bags) and 17.2% (866.29 thousand bags), respectively.
Third, Italy, with 11.2% of the volume exported (562.36 thousand bags), followed by Japan, with 8.3% (419.67 thousand bags), and finally, fifth, Belgium, with 6% (303,29 bags).
However, when compared to total exports of coffee in February 2017 (2,590 million bags) with February 2018 (2,355 million), there was a decrease of 9.1%.

Brazilian Coffee exported to main destination ports.


In the context of the Brazilian coffee exports of February this year, the object of this analysis is that the type of coffee most shipped was arabica, whose volume represented 89.1% of the total shipped abroad (2,099 million bags), followed by the Soluble with 10% (236.34 thousand bags), and the robust one, with 0.9% (20.10 thousand bags).
With this performance, it was noticed that February had a timid growth in the exports of robust coffee and, in contrast, a certain recovery in the exports of differentiated coffees, which reached 942,32 thousand bags, that is, there was a growth of 25% in relation to the same month last year. The differentiated coffees are those that have top quality or some kind of certificate of sustainable practices and include specialty coffees.

These data and figures on the export performance of Brazilian Coffee, in the first two months of 2018, are part of the February 2018 Monthly Report of the Coffee Exporters Council of BrazilCecafé, which is available in full at the Coffee Observatory, of the “Consórcio Pesquisa Café” coordinated by Embrapa Café. In addition to the highlights of this analysis, the Report also brings several other data, information and analyzes, statistical charts on Brazilian coffee exports that deserve to be conferred by the various segments that have an interest in the Brazilian coffee sector .



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