Hapag-LIoyd, recommendation for imports to Tanzania

Dear Members,
We send you a communication received from Hapag-LIoyd.

” Dear Customer,

Please be advised that for all imports to Tanzania, Dar es Salaam – as Shipper you are kindly requested by TICTS to avoid nominating your consignments to the PMM ICD which is currently suspended by the governing authority – TRA.

Any Bills of Lading that reflect PMM ICD nominations will be delayed for clearance and as Shipper you would then need to amend your Bills of Lading and subsequently a manifest amendment be initiated. TICTS kindly requests shippers to nominate other ICD’s in this period where PMM ICD is under suspension, to not create a backlog and congestion at the terminal.

In addition, TICTS also advises that while the African ICD is not suspended, all imports nominated for African ICD are not being uplifted in their allocated time frame and recommends for shippers not to nominate African ICD due to their poor service capabilities.
We appreciate your cooperation in this regard to ensure our vessels and operations are not impacted.

Kind regards
Hapag-Lloyd AG ”

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