Letter from the Chairman of ALN

Dear African Freight Forwarders,

Since few weeks we started with a new project called Africa Logistics Network.

ALN is a Freight Forwarders Network, open to worldwide members but focused on African market.

The reason that convinced us to spend our time to this new network comes from a consideration: we think that Africa is the market of the future, also in the forwarding business, such as has been China 15/20 years ago. And Forwarding agents must be ready to support the development of Africa.

We want to reach soon the full coverage of African Countries with 2 reliable and professional members per Country.

ALN Africa Logistics Network is not going to open the doors to dozens of members per Country. Our biz is not the membership fees. Only two per Country with the exception of USA, Canada, China, Brazil, Australia, Nigeria and India (up to 5 members per Country) because our target is to set up a Network useful for its members and able to build relationships between them for long terms cooperation.

ALN just started but we are already covering (with at least one member) many important Countries in Africa and in the World: Algeria, Angola, Belgium, Burundi, Cameroun, China, Congo Kinshasa, Dubai, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe.

We decided to fix a quite low membership fee, because the business is not the Network, the business is the cooperation between ALN members.

First year:
African members: US$ 300/year
Non African Members : us$ 500/year
Additional branches of a registered member: us$ 200 / year

Second year:
African members: us$ 500/year
Non African Members: us$ 1.000/year
Additional African branches: us$ 250 / year
Additional Non African Branches :us$ 500 / year

Starting from the second year 50% of members fees will be used for the creation of a Guarantee Fund to cover partially non payments inside the Network.

Following years: we will see accordingly the necessities, the satisfaction of ALN members and the success of our Network in the FF world.

The first meeting is scheduled in Bergamo. Italy (35 km far from Milan) from 1st to 4th of October 2015 in occasion also with the EXPO 2015 Exhibition in Milan.
We are asking to all current and potential members an idea about their participation in order to book the necessary rooms as later could be more difficult.

Please visit this website and read more “about us” and about ethical code, benefits and marketing pages.

Here, on this website, you can find also the membership request form and the Meeting registration form (this one is not really a registration because we will update soon the page with registration and Hotel fees).

I sincerely hope that I can meet you in Bergamo next October.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alessandro Saponaro
Chairman of Africa Logistics Network
Email: info@africalogisticsnetwork.com


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