Mandatory Palletisation of Import Cargo to Nigeria

All Nigeria import cargo is to be palletised with effect shipped-onboard date 1st January 2018.
Eg. Used vehicle parts are to be packed in crate/box (not loaded in bulk) then placed onto pallets.

Current exemptions under the palletisation requirement are:

1. By Weight

Cargo weighing above 1,000Kg do not need to be palletise as the maximum weight a pallet can handle is 1,000Kg.
– Eg. Steel Coil, Metal Ingots, Steel plates and etc.

2. By Mobility

Any cargo that is able to move easily, such as items with wheels or can be rolled.
– Eg. Vehicles, Cylinders and etc.

3. By Space

Any items shipped with a min. of 2ft access between packs/units.
– Eg. Items which are generally large and awkward, leaving sufficient space for inspection officers to move around the item within the container.

4. By Fragility

Specialised equipment which require a technically qualified person to handle/move.
– Eg. CAT Scan machine.

Further clarification on the palletisation requirement and exemption will be made available by the authorities at a later period and will be disseminated on receipt.