R&B GLOBAL PROJECTS LTD, member of Africa Logistics Network representing Croatia, received a scrubber that came from Finland to Antwerp.

In Antwerp it was transshipped in a barge where we took over – we sailed over Scheldt-Maas-Rhein-Main-Donau till inland Croatian riverport called VUKOVAR and in Vukovar we unloaded ex barge direct on truck and left same evening to ZENICA, in Bosnia.

The challenge was the height of the piece being 4,855m … counting the trailer below and some protection (wood and steel) we reached over 5m which was 100% impossible to reach end destination.

We hired a special open trailer with removable cross-beams where the piece could ‘rest’ on, so it was ’sinking’ inside the hollow part of the trailer, reducing the height. The steelcraddle under the scrubber was removed upon barging, and we placed protection rubber and special “moulds”, separately delivered by factory, to fit the piece on the trailer.

We reached a final height of 4,95m, whereas the max passage was 4,96m … such a challenge.

Only 2 days before we started driving between the riverport and final destination, the Bosnian Government placed cooling-fans on the ceiling of a tunnel which we needed to pass, without informing us, so that was a last-minute hurdle we had to overcome – due to good relations and our good partner, we managed to talk to the Major of the town we needed to pass and where the tunnel was, and we managed to keep extra costs at 7000 euro only, by removing only the 2 fans, instead of removing the whole fan-installation in the tunnel which they wanted to do in the first place.

The extra cost was “our problem” as we offered “all-in” …and client did not get an extra invoice even when this could have considered as ‘force majeure’ …this is R&B!

Total process took a month from A till Z but the job was finished successfully.


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