R&B Global Projects, member of Africa Logistics Network representing Serbia & Croatia, was tasked to organize transhipment in the riverport of Pan?evo, after the client has “barged” this project from Holland and R&B transported it till the final destination in the outskirts of Belgrade, Serbia.
The cargo was: 1x drum on saddles (dims: 1865 x 446 x 466, 43.000 kg) and 1x furnace (1004 x 337 x 327 cm, 30.000 kg).

Interesting challenges had to be overcome in order to successfully organize this transport, the biggest factors being the busy schedule of port of Pan?evo which resulted in the barge, two trucks and the cranes waiting, because the port had a last minute delivery of trainwagons with steelcoils and the terminal was full, so R&B unloading was “awaited” for 2 days and including weekend.

Here R&B and its local partner jumped in and contacted port authorities in order to arrange that the wagons were unloaded quickly and they could unload ‘their’ cargo just after the weekend in order not to loose many days.

In the end, R&B and its local partner managed to arrange the wagons to be moved and the barge unloaded with minor delays.

Regarding the road transport challenges, there was many road “furniture” that had to beremoved for the transport due to the height (electricity wires, telephones, train cables, etc.). Several companies had to be contacted and removal had to be arranged in close cooperation and during same moment of transport passing.

The project ended successfully with the cargo delivered to the final destination beginning of July – client happy! But the story doesn’t end here as R&B is looking forward to handling another exactly same shipment like this one in September.

R&B would like to thank the client for the trust and to say “WE ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO DO BEST”!

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