Hereby we inform you that Sea and Shore Group, member of Africa Logistics Network representing Netherlands, is proud to announce the opening of our 45.000 m2 new warehouse in the port of Amsterdam. Although the Covid-19 crisis is putting our economies in a deep crisis, Logistics remains a stronghold to provide goods and materials in a safe and clean way to our customers.

Our Warehouse, situated in the Conakry road in Amsterdam Westport, is the most modern and environmental cleanest in The Netherlands with the entire roof covered with solar panels, giving us the opportunity to operate completely “climate neutral”.

The warehouse has 5 sections: Pharma,Spare parts,Electronics and Food. We have a seperate section for e-commerce fulfillment. We service other LSP’s, providing them the most efficient and cost-effective service available. All Value Added Services are present and linked to a cloud based portal to give them access to our warehouse management system.

The demand for strategic higher stock positions globally is the result of the Covid outbreaks where shortages occur everywhere in the supply chain. We like to invite every domestic and overseas customer to look at opportunities to corporate with us. To allocate their European Strategic Stock Positions in our warehouses. In total, we currently have 100.000 m2 of warehouses under management and another 150.000 m2 new construction underway for potential new customers.


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