Seamark Shipping LLC, member of Africa Logistics Network representing United Arab Emirates, has been instrumental in establishing Jebel Ali as an integral part of the global automotive trading industry!

It is estimated that Dubai’s annual trade is $3.6 billion, which is composed of over 800,000 vehicles as well as 4.4 tons/310,000 TEUs of materials each year.

In addition to being the region’s largest port, Jebel Ali serves as an important hub for the trade of automotive industry between Europe and Africa, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this process. It also provides container services to facilitate the shipment of both finished vehicles and spare parts. This makes it a preferred choice for traders who are looking to move their goods quickly and securely across borders.

Jebel Ali has thus become an integral part of the global auto trading industry and is expected to continue to shape the sector for years to come.

Seamark Shipping LLC, with its two decades experience in the automotive industry has been the key contributor for this trade. With its state-of-the-art auto logistics facility of 15000 sqm   of vehicle loading and storage space provides a comprehensive solution.

We engineer sophisticated solutions using our intelligent technologies, and your entire supply chain will benefit from partnering with Seamark Shipping LLC.

Seamark Shipping LLC, only for ALN members.

You can read more about Seamark Shipping LLC here: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Page

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