Tunisia rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize

Tunisia: the National Dialogue rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize

The Tunisian civil society received this Friday 9th October the Nobel Peace Prize for “its determining contribution to the construction of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia after the “Jasmine Revolution” of 2011”.
Two years ago, at the height of the crisis, following the assassination of progressive leaders, the National Tunisian Labor Union, the Employers’ federation UTICA, the Tunisian Human Rights League and the Bar Association, managed to resume the dialog and gather the different political parties around the negotiation table to form a new government and negotiate a new constitution.
The action of these four organizations was crucial for the democratic future of Tunisia and the preservation of the achievements of the Jasmine revolution. A good fortune not shared by other movements assimilated to the Arab Spring, particularly in Libya and Syria where chaos is the order of the day.

by WMA