08 Mar 2017

Nigeria is expected to benefit from the newly reduced import duties

The federal government in Nigeria has recently announced that as part of the government’s fiscal policy, a significant reduction in import duties was going to be applied to 115 items with immediate effect. Kemi Adeosun the country’s Finance Minister confirmed that these changes were in compliance with the requirements of… Read More

10 May 2016

SUDAN: E.C.T.N. (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) – SUSPENDED

***SUSPENDED*** E.C.T.N. for SUDAN Implementation of the ECTN in Sudan as from June 1st 2016. The Sudanese Customs Authority is introducing the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note for all shipments to/from Sudan. For all shipments to and from Sudan (transit cargo included), the shipper or his forwarder are… Read More

10 May 2016

GABON: Certificate of Conformity

PleStarting from the 20th of May 2016, a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) will be mandatory for shipments to Gabon. The Certificate of Conformity will be required for Customs clearance. Goods arriving to Gabon without the corresponding CoC will not be allowed for clearance, and will not be permitted to enter… Read More

18 Feb 2016

Africa Logistics Network – Guarantee Fund

GUARANTEE FUND (on voluntary basis the first 2 years) Dedicated to our members and for great interest of the future ones.   In the last month we have been working to put some rules and procedures for the Guarantee fund and tried to increase the protection of the payments inside Africa… Read More

18 Feb 2016

Partnership with Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS)

Africa Logistics Network is pleased to announce the partnership with Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS). FDRS is an independent debt recovery company dedicated to assisting the Freight Forwarding community in collecting its just debts, and for many years they have been successful in recovering debts for their… Read More

29 Jan 2016

Egypt: new rules on imports from 1° January

Egyptian ministerial economic group decided on some restrictions and new procedures that are applied to imports from 1st January 2016. Tightening control on the customs ports in cooperation with Ministries of Defence and Interior to prevent smuggling. The ministerial economic group agreed on a number of restrictions and procedures to… Read More

24 Dec 2015

Africa Logistics Network Awards 2016

The three award categories are: 1st Prize: Network best performance; 2nd Prize: World shipping to/from Africa best performance; 3rd Prize: Inter-Africa business best performance. (Special award only for African members) There will be three winners for each category. The winners will be chosen accorfind to the each member’s vote. The winners… Read More

15 Dec 2015

Republic of Madagascar: Advance cargo declaration – updated regulation

Updated regulation – Advance Cargo Declaration – effective from 1st December 2015   A- SCOPE OF APPLICATION The Madagascar Advance Cargo Declaration regime will apply to import, export or transit of goods. However, a ship operator or its representative (typically a ship agent) will have to declare cargo… Read More

11 Dec 2015

Kenya: Certificate of conformity – New requirement – Kenya imports

                                                              Inspection of Cargo For Issuance of Certificates of Conformity We wish to notify the public and importers that the requirement for inspection and issuance of Certificates of Conformity (CoC) has been expanded to cover all Imports. This updated… Read More

20 Nov 2015

ALGERIA: Tax ID Requirement in Algeria for imports

  According to the financial Algerian law 2006 Art. 41/42, it is mandatory that all persons/companies engaged in business activities must be holder of the NIF (Numero d’Identification Fiscal) which is composed by 15 (fifteen) numeric digits, allowing the Algerian authorities to have a better traceability of the commercial transactions… Read More

19 Nov 2015

Nigeria: Advance cargo declaration compulsory on imports and exports

Nigeria introduced the Advanced Cargo Declaration on all ports. The new regolamentation is effective from November 17th 2015. In order to execute the national plan for the implementation of the Advance Cargo Declaration (ACD) scheme on Regulation and Facilitation of International Trade as well as to ensure the safety and… Read More